Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Cure..

To be egocentric is to treat the self as an isolated, competitive entity, an autonomous agent with minimal relationship or obligation to other people or the larger world.

In an egocentric society, infancy and early childhood , is actually the easiest interval of life to navigate, for both children and parents, because it’s possible to oversee most influences in your child’s world. Your family’s and friends’ homes and your visits to relatively unpeopled nature compose the vast majority of your child’s domain. During her first four or five years, it’s possible to insulate your child from most of the egocentric influences of the surrounding society.

The loss or contraction of innocence is all too common in our egocentric society as a result of child-rearing practices and philosophies that emphasize obedience, indulgence, or preschool academic achievement. In America today, we are witnessing an escalating pressure on parents to drive their children to learn ever earlier and ever more. It’s pretty easy to see that in most cases this “early enrichment education” is serving egocentric values. It’s designed to help your kid compete, get ahead, crawl to the top of the heap, and be first in line for that all-important egocentric award, trophy, or winning school application. Set aside technological education until the school years, and banish coerced learning forever.

It’s essential to help your child form a healthy personality that can survive and thrive in an egocentric society. The soul-initiated person you hope your child becomes must, after all, develop a personality that can function in egocentric culture without being solely of it.

One of the most potent ways to contribute to cultural transformation is for you and your family to become role models — you make a radical change in lifestyle, if you can, if you dare, and if it feels right and inspiring to do so. The soulcentric lifestyle choices that you make really do have a significant impact on your community. Others who are ready to make similar changes will be inspired by your example. Culture shifts one individual and family at a time.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Ego-centric Society!

A baby is born knowing nothing about the cruel world that exists out there. His parents have already built up hopes as to what he is going to become, a doctor or perhaps an engineer, while the infant is still sound asleep and oblivious of the plans his parents have made already!

Pakistani parents usually want their children to become doctors or engineers, or the high ranked so called "uncorrupted" civil servants. This is completely fine for the EGO-CENTRIC parents, who are naive of what their children wants. If our elders or parents look around and broaden their horizons then they might be able to behold that there are thousands of other fields, which can earn them the same level of respect and status in society. Corporate bankers, human resource, advertising, architecture, art, web development, music and not to forget media, are some of the fields which should be kept in mind while deciding children's career.

Talking about divergent careers, sports can be taken as a serious career option. Sports generally is taken as a recreational past-time in Pakistan except of course CRICKET! It's not like Pakistan does not have talent. Recently, sports gala took place at Lahore School of Economics. I, being a student at LSE saw some future champions in the making. We have Soccer , table-tennis, Badminton, and not to miss Basket Ball players. But the problem still remains... our parents do not consider these as serious career options.

It will remain there as long as we ourselves do not try to think out of the box. We should try to convince our parents and enlighten them with other career possibilities. Not only our future but our Country's future relies on us. Pakistan has had enough doctors and engineers, it is time we get Pakistan career oriented people!